Dreamverse is a world in the metaverse with various seasons and dimensions of urban and natural environments, possibilities of future and alternative realities. It is the culmination of hard work and collaboration from project leads who guided this journey to support three digital artists’ imaginative dreamscapes. The artists, each with a distinct style, came together to fuse their unique expression with AI assistants. Each artist worked with an individualized AI assistant, which the AI team specifically designed to complement defining characteristics of each artist. This experimental environment allowed digital artists and their AI assistants to work together. Learning and adapting were iterative processes for the artists and AI agents throughout this project. In total, the artist-AI pairs created 6,180 pieces of NFTs. During their artistic process, they discovered new possibilities in their art – which culminated in the harmony of the DreamVerse. The artists and three AI assistants built a digital collection with endless possibilities of storytelling through scenes and images that trigger the imagination. May it inspire new possibilities of creative expression at the intersection of art and technology in the metaverse.

Fund Allocation

  • First 100 mint in public sale will be free
  • First 1000 minter in public sale will receive 10% of total revenue
  • 10% of profit will be used for floor sweeping
  • All of royalty income (5% of secondary sales) will be used for floor sweeping
  • For 31 days, there will be 0.618 SOL rewards to 3 randomly selected Dreamverse NFT holders
  • Remaining income will be used for building the Dreamverse


The concept of Dreamverse created and the team assembled
The team developed AI assistants and started to create the collection
Fund Allocation and tokenomics finalized
Rewards & marketing campaign designed
Secondary marketplaces confirmed
Minting Event
Rewards distribution starts
We will establish partnerships with different NFT and Metaverse projects
Partnerships with AI companies to create synergies to improve Dreamverse’s intelligence
Q1 2022
Partnership with different AI companies


Minting event will take place on December 13th on Solanalysis Moonshot launchpad
Each NFT can be minted for 0.618 SOL (the golden ratio)
There are only 6180 unique NFTs
The golden ratio is everywhere, we created dreamverse with it.
We created AI assistants for each artist to help them visualize how they imagine Dreamverse

For 31 days, there will be 0.618 Sol reward to 3 NFT holder everyday.

Also first 1000 minter will receive 10% of minting revenue.

We have different competition and give-aways in our discord channel. Simply join and follow the announcement.